The Belly Dancer

The Belly Dancer Trailer from Tripwire Theatre Inc. on Vimeo.

About The Production

In both personal relationships and society as a whole, we all have a choice when responding to the fear of change – with violence or with tolerance.

Written by Megan J Riedl & Jacob Honeychurch, this bold new performance is inspired by real-life experiences of family violence. The play holds up a mirror to our recent local history, when in 2015, Bendigo was the epicentre of anti-muslim protests, centred around the planning proposal for the city’s first mosque.

Having moved away from home to live with her boyfriend, Sophie is searching for connection. She forms a close friendship with her neighbour Rubina, a woman who is also alone. But Sophie’s boyfriend David is a young man full of fear, and in fighting for control over changes in their lives, David’s choices play out in dangerous, and unfortunately familiar, ways.

The Belly Dancer asks what kind of community we want to be creating – one that is underpinned by the values of violence and shackled by fear, or one that is open to difference and celebrates our capacity to embrace change with love. Are we complicit in maintaining the power imbalance that allows violence to flourish, and as the bystander next-door, is doing nothing no longer enough?

Past Presentations

Tripwire Theatre Inc. presented the world premiere season of at The Engine Room, Bendigo, 15-18 March 2019. Directed By Alise Amarant. Performed by Saari Frochot-Chauhan, Elliot Gale and Marjan Maleki.

The project was funded through the Ulumbarra Foundation Performing Arts Power-up Grant, the City of Greater Bendigo Community Grants Program and the Capital Venues & Events Performance Subsidy.

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Production enquiries should be made to Megan J Riedl