The Belly Dancer

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The Belly Dancer is a new full-length play by Tripwire members Megan Riedl & Jacob Honeychurch. It will be Directed by Alise Amarant.

Set in Bendigo in 2015, the play follows a young couple as their relationship falls apart amid the backdrop of Bendigo’s anti-mosque protests of 2015.

Dialogue driven, the play focuses on high quality performances and writing of calibre. It will be minimalist in design and will use real news footage and radio reports from the time to dominate the space.

A relationship drama with political themes, the play ultimately condemns racial hatred and celebrates multiculturalism and humanities capacity to love in the face of fear. The Belly Dancer portrays the foundations of domestic violence in a vulnerable young man, and explores how ordinary people can get become caught up in organisation racial hatred movements. It celebrates the power of female friendship to cross multi cultural divides and the special bonds of sisterhood in the face of violence and change.

Development week at The Engine Room in Bendigo during August 2018.
Planned for production in Bendigo during Cultural Diversity week in March 2019.

Project Partner – Centre for Non-Violencecnv

Supported by City of Greater Bendigo and Capital Venues & Events via the Engine Room Performance Subsidy.