Submit Your Project

Tripwire Committee of Management accepts proposals from members for projects they would like Tripwire to produce or support.

Levels of Support

Tripwire Produced Projects

Committee of Management is responsible for overseeing the project in its entirety. Committee will allocate a Project Manager to manage the project. Ownership of the creative material remains that of the member/s but Tripwire may request exclusive rights to produce (re-mount or tour) the work for a particular time period following the project.

Tripwire Supported Projects

Committee of Management will allocate resources (time, knowledge, skills and/or money) to one or more aspects of a member’s project. This may range from communicating needs of the project via our networks or writing a letter of support to running the marketing campaign or auspicing a grant. A negotiated agreement will be drawn up between the committee and the member which outlines the type of support, the acknowledgement arrangements and the remuneration due to Tripwire.

Submission Process

Members are asked to submit a project proposal directly to the Artistic Director. Include as much detail as possible, such as:

  • About the member/s
  • About the project
  • Rationale
  • Creative Team
  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • What’s already in place?
  • Level of support requested from Tripwire

The Artistic Director will assess the project based on the following criteria:

  • How it fits Tripwires core values
  • Whether the project fits into an upcoming funding and/or performance opportunity
  • If we have the capacity to resource the project based on the Tripwire 3 year planI
  • If the project fits with Tripwire’s existing strategic partnerships or allows us to form significant new partnerships
  • It opens Tripwire to new audiences and/or new membership bases.
  • Whether it appeals to and has opportunities for involvement from our existing member cohort

Possible outcomes of the submission:

  1. The proposal does not meet Tripwire’s criteria. The proposal is rejected because for one or more reasons it doesn’t fit with Tripwire’s remit .
  2. The proposal has merit but needs more work. The AD will ask the member for more information, and/or enter into a discussion which will assist the member to flesh out the proposal (ie help them draft a budget or probe for a robust rationale).
  3. The proposal is sound. The AD will take the proposal to Committee for approval.

Each proposal submitted will be given feedback from the AD and open communication throughout the process.

Submit Your Project by emailing Artistic Director Megan Riedl