Submit Your Project

Tripwire accepts submissions from members for projects they would like Tripwire to produce or support.

Your project might be quite fully thought-out with a whole lot of plans written up, or just a basic concept idea. It might be a theatrical production, development of a script, a workshop you want to run or something else.

We don’t mind, as long as it align with our Mission, Vision and Values and must be theatrical in nature.

Levels of Support

Tripwire Produced Projects

Committee of Management is responsible for overseeing the project in its entirety. Committee will allocate a Project Manager to manage the project. Ownership of the creative material remains that of the member/s but Tripwire may request exclusive rights to produce (re-mount or tour) the work for a particular time period following the project.

Tripwire Supported Projects

Committee of Management will allocate resources (time, knowledge, skills and/or money) to one or more aspects of a member’s project. This may range from communicating needs of the project via our networks or writing a letter of support to running the marketing campaign or auspicing a grant. A negotiated agreement will be drawn up between the committee and the member which outlines the type of support, the acknowledgement arrangements and the remuneration due to Tripwire.

Submission Process


The Artistic Director will receive your submission form and be in touch to discuss your project further and begin working on a project proposal to take to the Tripwire Committee.

Then, The Committee assess the projects based on:
*How it fits Tripwires core values
*Whether the project fits into an upcoming funding and/or performance opportunity
*If we have the capacity to resource the project based on the Tripwire 3 year plan
*If the project fits with Tripwire’s existing strategic partnerships or allows us to form significant new partnerships
*It opens Tripwire to new audiences and/or new membership bases.
*Whether it appeals to and has opportunities for involvement from our existing member cohort.

The Committee shortlists projects which are then presented to our entire membership at the next AGM (Late September). At the AGM, membership is asked to vote on which projects they would like to see realised.

And then, Tripwire members work together to realise your project!

Questions? Contact Megan on or 0429 933 106

Submit your project via our online form