PD Fund

How it works

Active members can apply using the PD Fund Application form for full or partial financial support for a nominated Professional Development Activity.

The Tripwire Committee assesses applications and allocates full or partial funding,based on the merit of the application and the resources available in the fund.

What is the criteria for approval?

  • Applicants must be a current active member
  • The proposed activity will significantly develop skills or knowledge in a professional area which the member is lacking or; will allow the member to build networks or have experiences which will significantly benefit their emerging career.
  • The member can prove the value of the activity to Tripwire members and the organisation as a whole, and they have the willingness and ability to share the knowledge gained.
  • The activity is a high quality and professionally delivered.

What constitutes a PD Activity?

  • Attendance at conferences, think-tanks, lectures, speeches, workshops
  • Practical skill-based workshops
  • Non-accredited or accredited short courses

What the PD Fund will finance

  • Entry fees for the above activities
  • Travel costs (including parking fees)

What the PD Fund will not finance

  • Accommodation costs
  • Per diems
  • Equipment purchase

Application For PD e-form