Our members are emerging professional theatre makers and arts managers, along with arts-loving allies from other sectors. We live and work in Central Victoria.

Membership Types

Active Members. Emerging professional creatives and managers in the performing arts or arts-loving allies from other sectors with skills to bring to the organisation. These members will be expected to have skills, experience or qualifications in some aspect of theatre making, writing, management, business, accounting, law, marketing or not-for-profit committees.

Project members. Creatives or supporters who are involved in a single project with a finite time-frame.

What Tripwire does for Members

  • Develop. Assist our members to access development activities which will enable them to realise their creative work.
  • Present. Undertake some or all aspects of production to present new theatrical works by our members.
  • Promote. Our members and their work are aligned with an increasingly robust brand and their work with Tripwire is a launching pad for a full-time career in performing arts.
  • Represent. Broker long term strategic partnerships which benefit all members and represent our members and the Central Victorian arts community at a national and international level.

What Members do for Tripwire

  • Contribute. Dedicate personal resources to realise the current Tripwire production in both paid and unpaid roles.
  • Network. Take advantage of opportunities to promote Tripwire’s work, encourage new members to join and forge new relationships which may benefit all members.
  • Share. Create a safe space for the open, honest and constructively critical sharing of new ideas between members.

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