Are you an emerging professional performer, writer, designer or technician?
     Are you an arts manager wants to help other make great new work?
           Do you have skills to offer others who have creative ideas?
                Do you love the performing arts and are based in Central Victoria?

We want you to join us!

Membership Types

Active Members. Emerging professional creatives and managers in the performing arts or arts-loving allies from other sectors with skills to bring to the organisation. These members will be expected to have skills, experience or qualifications in some aspect of theatre making, writing, management, business, accounting, law, marketing or not-for-profit committees.

  • Due on 30th September each Year. Pro-rata fees apply.
  • Covered by Insurance.
  • Voting rights at the AGM.
  • Opportunity to serve on the Committee.
  • Submit your projects.
  • Eligible for any professional development opportunities.

Project members. Creatives or supporters who are involved in a single project with a finite time-frame.

  • Valid for duration of nominated project only.
  • Covered by insurance.
  • Eligible to take on a role for a specific project.
  • Eligible for professional development associated with a specific project.

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