Vision, Mission & Values


We work with emerging professional theatre makers and arts-loving allies from other sectors to create a professional theatrical production company, working across Central Victoria.


We develop, present, and represent our members and their original theatre work.

  • Develop. Assist our members to access development activities which will enable them to realise their creative work
  • Present. Undertake some or all aspects of production to present new theatrical works by our members.
  • Represent. Broker long term strategic partnerships which benefit all members and represent our members and the Central Victorian arts community at a national and international level.


We value audacity, reciprocity, creativity & sustainability.

  • Audacity.   We are creatively daring and aspire to excellence in both artistic and managerial spheres.
  • Reciprocity.  We focus on service over self to provide mutually beneficial outcomes for our members and our community.
  • Creativity.  We seek to re-imagine what theatre can be in Central Victoria by embracing new ways of thinking and collaborating.
  • Sustainability.  We are embedded within our community and our environment. We ensure strong organisational planning to ensure we are ready for the future.