Bill Elder

Committee Member – Secretarybill elder.jpg

Bill is a multi-instrumentalist, music teacher, band leader, composer and arranger. He has created arrangements and written original music for calisthenics clubs throughout Victoria and for Kerang and District Band, which he led as Bandmaster for 13 years.

He has performed in orchestras for stage productions across the state, including Jesus Christ Superstar, Beauty & The Beast and Cinderella. Bill has collaborated on a musical version of Orwell’s 1984 and more recently, with Megan Riedl on Crossworld, a musical about solving cryptic crosswords.

He is currently living in Smythesdale, and exercising his musical muscles by playing with Haddon Band and Ballarat’s Ukulele Group.

Bill has served as Secretary for numerous incorporated associations, including Kerang & District Band and Ballarat Environment Network. He has numerous qualifications in Workplace Training & Assessment, and has worked as a Manager and a Trainer for over 10 years in Business Administration.


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