Alise Amarant

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At the age of five, Alise realised her individual traits included having a big mouth and absolutely no sense of direction.
Joining the theatre became the obvious path.
She has been directing and performing for the past seven years and cannot imagine spending her life any other way. A Science and Drama teacher, she is also the owner and Principal of Helen O’Grady Drama Academy, Bendigo.
Alise took on a small on-stage role as well as managing backstage for Synchronicity’s inaugural production of ‘And the Big Men Fly’ in 2014 and was Assistant Director for their 2015 production.
Alise performed in several plays as part of Bendigo Theatre Company’s ‘Ten x 10’ season in 2016. For Tripwire, Alise’s work on ‘The Let-Down Reflex’ was nominated for the Best Director at the 2016 Kyneton One Act Play Festival.

Alise deconstructed the monologues with non-naturalistic movement, music, stylistic postures – all anchored by a very authentic, naturalistic acting style that drew me in… engaging with a rich mix of theatrical devices. – Stephen Mitchell, Kyneton One Act Play Festival Adjudicator

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