We’re Off Into The Sunset

We're off, into the sunset.png

Dear Members & Friends,

We have an important announcement to make about the future of Tripwire.

Our mission was to ‘develop, present, and represent our members and their original theatre work’.

Over the past three years, Tripwire has taken creative proposals from members, and developed, funded and delivered to an audience four exciting new theatrical works. The Let-Down Reflex, Travels With My Black Dog, Hollow and The Belly Dancer have all explored complex social themes and involved the wider community through sponsorships, consultation and of course, as audiences.

We have created opportunities for emerging professionals to experience the behind the scenes work of independent theatre including touring, grant writing, marketing and project management. We have also given opportunities for actors, writers, directors and technicians to work together in the creation of brand new theatre.

Our committee has represented Tripwire at Artlands, Showcase Victoria, Victorian Theatre Forum among others. We have also funded our members to attend professional development.

When we started Tripwire, it was to fill a gap that existed between community and professional theatre in Central Victoria. Today, we are seeing local community theatre companies becoming less risk averse, with bolder programming and a willingness to embrace original works. Opportunities for new local works to be made with the support of long-running volunteer theatre companies are on the increase. There is also an increased investment in professional theatre in our region through both independent companies and local government.

As of 30th June 2019, the Incorporated Association Tripwire Theatre Inc will no longer exist. We have reached the limit of our growth potential with the resources that we have available. However, the values of Tripwire will continue to inspire our members theatrical endeavours.

Megan Riedl is investing heavily in her own creative business, including spoken word poetry performances, directing gigs, and a possible re-development of The Let-Down Reflex in 2020. Megan & Jacob Honeychurch are in talks with Hobo Playhouse to tour hard-hitting drama The Belly Dancer in 2020. Alise Amarant continues to grow her drama education business Props Theatre in Bendigo and Mildura. Both Megan Riedl & Nell Jeandet will be working with Ballarat National Theatre in 2019. Bill & Kathy Elder continue to support community projects which take their interest such as Sustainable House Day. We encourage you to follow these projects.

We pay tribute to our past and present members, in particular our past committee members Jacob Honeychurch, Sharon Newth, Melissa O’Donovan, Linden Read, Sam Wills and Bjorn Worpel. They have all dedicated the most precious of resources – time and energy – into making Tripwire Theatre Inc. the success it has been.

Thank you to everyone who supported Tripwire over the past three years. We appreciate your involvement, both big and small. Please continue to support theatre-makers in Central Victoria and further afield.

And now, we are off into the sunset.

Yours Sincerely,

The Tripwire Theatre Inc Committee
Alise Amarant, Bill Elder, Kathy Elder, Nell Jeandet & Megan Riedl.

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