Tickets on Sale!

Tripwire Theatre Inc. is proud to present a world premiere season of

The Belly Dancer

by Megan J Riedl & Jacob Honeychurch


In both personal relationships and society as a whole, we all have a choice when responding to the fear of change – with violence or with tolerance.

Inspired by experiences of family violence and the 2015 anti-mosque protests in Bendigo, this bold new performance holds up a mirror to recent local history.

Directed By Alise Amarant. Performed by Saari Frochot-Chauhan, Elliot Gale and Marjan Maleki

At The Engine Room, Bendigo,
Friday 15th March 2.00pm Preview with Q&A
Friday 15th March 8.00pm Opening Night
Saturday 16th March 8.00pm
Sunday 17th March 2.00pm & 8.00pm
Monday 18th March 2.00pm with Q&A

Tickets available online or at The Capital Box Office, View Street Bendigo

This project is funded through the Ulumbarra Foundation Performing Arts Power-up Grant, the City of Greater Bendigo Community Grants Program and the Capital Venues & Events Performance Subsidy.

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