We invite you to provide feedback on The Belly Dancer

The Belly DancerTripwire Theatre Inc. invites community members and representatives from relevant stakeholder organisations to provide feedback on a new play in development.

‘The Belly Dancer’, written by Megan Riedl & Jacob Honeychurch, follows a young couple as their relationship falls apart amid the backdrop of anti-mosque protests.

In our workshop, actors will present scenes from the second draft. Participants will consult with the playwrights and provide feedback about appropriate portrayals of the topical social themes and political messages within the play, including:

  • Family violence
  • Cultural diversity & social cohesion
  • Islam
  • Bendigo CALD & Islamic communities

The feedback provided will be used to refine the playscript into its final draft.

The Engine Room, View Street, Bendigo
Monday 17th September 9.00am til 12.00pm

Any questions and RSVPs to Megan Riedl
director@tripwire.org.au 0429 933 106

Download the pdf flyer here.

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