Centre for Non-Violence sign on for The Belly Dancer!

We’re pleased to announce that Bendigo’s Centre For Non-Violence are our Project Partner for The Belly Dancer project!


We met yesterday with CNV CEO Margaret Augerinos to discuss possibilities for a partnership between them and Tripwire on The Belly Dancer project.

Set in Bendigo in 2015, the play follows a young couple as their relationship falls apart amid the backdrop of Bendigo’s anti-mosque protests of 2015. We’ve recently hit submit on our application for funding from Creative Victoria’s Regional Centre for Culture Local Grants, with CNV supporting our application.

If the project goes ahead, CNV will be helping the creative team to ensure that the values and beliefs that underpin violence in our community are challenged and capacity for alternative dialogue is presented in an advisory role with writers Megan Riedl and Jacob Honeychurch. CNV Staff will be providing support to Director Alise Amarant and the team, in dealing with the confronting content throughout the development and rehearsal process.

Now, fingers crossed as we move onto the next funding bid for this project!

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