Artistic Director’s Report 2016-17

Artistic Director Megan Riedl sums up the year that was 2016-17. This report is taken from our Annual Report, which was presented at yesterday’s AGM. You can view the whole report here.

In early 2016, I had a vision to develop a new organisation which could make a contribution towards sustainable careers in the performing arts in Central Victoria.

This organisation would fill the gap between the unimaginative amateur offerings and the safe professional programming which is toured into our region from the cities. With so many independent practitioners already basing themselves in Central Victoria, and a large number of training programs for young and emerging theatre-makers, there was also an opportunity to assist in the areas that often come the hardest to creatives – marketing, management, funding, and audience development.

And so, from earnest beginnings with six members backing my idea, I have watched my vision becoming reality over the past 12 months. I could not be more proud of what Tripwire Theatre Inc. has achieved in its first year of operation. We have been working steadily to develop, present and represent our members and their work. Tripwire, our members, and our productions, are already getting a reputation for high quality performance art, a professional approach to production, and community-mindedness.

In 2016-17, we have developed from concept through production and into fruition three brand new pieces of theatre. All were audacious, both in the topics they explored and in the scale of the works. All were managed to budget, and have contributed to our healthy bottom line. All challenged the members involved to rethink conservative ways of working and embrace collaboration and professionalism.

Our commitment to representing our members in the wider Performing Arts industry has seen us support delegates to numerous professional development workshops as well as Showcase Victoria, Victorian Theatre Forum and Artlands Dubbo. These experiences feed new knowledge and skills back into the organisation, and our members are forging strategic partnerships and growing our supporter base with every conversation. And that’s what will make Tripwire sustainable.

2017-18 is going to be a year of consolidation, with the committee of management working on policies, strategic plans and financial measures to ensure our future. It’s going to be a year of bold new theatre with an immersive cabaret and a hard-hitting relationship drama planned.

It’s going to a year of being proud of this region, and showing off what great work we do here, with Artlands 2018 right in the heart of Tripwire territory.

I can’t wait.


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