Hollow is back! Encore Screening at the Daylesford Cinemas

Daylesford Cinema will host a full-length screening of the play Hollow, on Thursday 14th September at 6.30pm. The auspicious date is the anniversary of the discovery of the Three Lost Children.

The film will be followed by a Q&A with writer/director Megan Riedl and members of the cast. Tickets include a program from the live performance.  Tickets can be booked via the Daylesford Cinema Box Office.

Hollow FB event cover photo(1)

Written by Megan Riedl, Hollow is a moving human drama, based on the true story of Daylesford’s Three Lost Children of 1867. The play focuses on the mother’s experience of grief and the machinations of the extended public search for the boys. Exploring the themes of power and grief, it is ultimately a story about hollow promises.

It is a re-imagining of true events with a shift in focus to those usually left behind from Australian history – women, children and Indigenous people.

Hollow had its world premiere at the Daylesford Town Hall from 30th June – 2nd July. Featuring a local central Victorian cast and the support of many local businesses, the play was well received to make the beginning of a number of 150th Anniversary activities for the Three Lost Children.

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