Free skill-building workshops at our AGM

At Tripwire, we’re all about Reciprocity, and that means the whole afternoon of our AGM day is dedicated to sharing our knowledge and skills with each other.

A number of our members are volunteering to give others a quick and easy up-skill session in a topic that they know & love.

The cost is $5 per workshop for non-members. Active Members are FREE.


How it works

  1. Let us know you’re coming along by RSVPing.
  2. Pay your membership online prior to coming.
  3. On arrival sign up for the workshop/s you would like to attend.
  4. If you’re not a member, you can pay for your membership OR pay the fee for the workshops. Bring cash.
  5. Over lunch, we’ll work out a schedule which enables everyone to rotate around to attend the sessions they find most useful.

Workshops on Offer:

Vocal Improvisation. Christine Tammer gives a taste of her renowned vocal improvisation techniques that make improvising an unconscious, effortless and ultimately enjoyable musical experience.

Dramaturgy 101. Megan Riedl shares a simple dramaturgical process that writers, directors and actors can use to delve deeper into discovering the core of a play, and for developing a vision for a character or entire production.

Impro Skills. Alise Amarant teaches some basic improvisation games which will build confidence and quick thinking, and are great fun too – for actors and the rest of us!

Intro to Instagram. Liana Skewes gives an overview of how to promote yourself, your theatre work and Tripwire, through her favourite social media platform, Instagram.

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