Surprise Donation for Hollow

On Thursday night we received a unexpected donation for Hollow from the Daylesford Community Opshop!

The Opshop is run by a volunteer Committee of Management and gives proceeds back into the community by supporting local organisations, initiatives and events through a small grants program.

A while ago, Tripwire submitted an application for the small grants program and we had quite forgotten, so were very suprised when a cheque for $300 was delivered to our rehearsal at the Daylesford Town Hall!

We could not be more grateful for the injection of funds one month out from the production. Huge thanks from the Hollow team to all of those involved at the Opshop!

They sell all sorts of recycled goods, electrical, homewares etc, and is open from Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm and Saturday 10am to 2pm at Lot 8, 6 Mink Street, Daylesford. We encourage you to support the organisations who support us, so head in and get a bargain and don’t forget to grab a postcard for the show while you are there!

Tickets to Hollow are available online or in person at the Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre.

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