Behind the scenes on the Hollow photo shoot

Four of our young cast members met at a real-life hollow tree with Craig Newell yesterday morning to pose for the promotional photos for Hollow.

They certainly didn’t have to act being cold in the bush and we made sure there were no spiders inside the tree!

Craig is an established professional photographer whose work has been seen across numerous advertising campaigns, annual reports and publications and for clients such as Lonely Planet, ANZ, RMIT, Fosters Group, Vic Roads, City West Water, John Holland and Origin Energy. Craig’s photography is characterised by his clear and sensitive approach to everyday scenes. His fascination with composition is echoed throughout his work and resonates a passion for photography.

Craig Newell Photography is a sponsor for Hollow, and Craig has donated his time and expertise to do this photo shoot for us. We can’t thank hi\m enough for braving the chilly conditions yesterday morning.

The kids posed for two different compositions and based on what we saw in the camera, the results are going to be fabulous!

Tickets to Hollow are now on sale online.


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