Connecting the Dots Workshop – Arts Access Victoria

Yesterday our members Megan Riedl and Christine Tammer attended the third of a series of workshops held by Arts Access Victoria.

The Connecting the Dots Youth Partnerships & Possibilities workshops explored connections around youth, mental health and inclusion in the arts in the Ballarat region.

Participants learnt about partnership brokering across the arts and health sectors, and advocating for the inclusion of the arts in personal NDIS plans. In this third session, each participant brought a problem or issue with a project to the table and as a group, we brainstormed solutions, made offers which may see the beginnings of some future partnerships, both from an individual perspective and as part of our respective organisations.

Megan sought ideas about taking Travels with My Black Dog on a broader tour with a robust health partnership and a focus on health audiences, not arts audiences. Christine discussed wanting to offer more of her vocal improvisation workshops and how to go about finding a ready-made participant base.

Arts Access Victoria provide a range of resources for artists, individuals and organisations to assist with advocating for the arts and understanding inclusive arts practice.

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